Jack Hanrahan  was born and raised in New England.    Just out of high school, he and his family moved to the Kansas City area, where he enjoyed  success playing in and leading some excellent rock bands in the local area. 

Jack graduated from college in the late 1970’s and  went into the banking field where he became a commercial banker reaching the level of Senior Vice President in the lending area.  

Missing the music side of his life, Jack invested in two Westport live music nightclubs in the mid 1980’s and also promoted concerts  at larger venues such as Memorial Hall, Starlight Theatre and the Music Hall in the Kansas City area.

By 1992, Jack was involved in five nightclubs including a new concept he was a co-founder of, Guitars & Cadillacs.  Seeing the potential to take that concept to other cities, Jack left his banking career and devoted full time to his entrepreneurial endeavors.   At it’s height,  Guitars & Cadillacs had seven locations in the midwest and also licensed its name and format to eight other locations in Texas. Tennessee and Oklahoma.

Since 2000,  Jack and his company of trusted advisors, Hanrahan Investments L.L.C. have consulted with over thirty hospitality companies to assist with profit issues, live entertainment or DJ issues, growth of a concept to multi site locations,    operational issues involving front of the house and/or  back of the house,  menu updates, financing needs,  re-concepting,  re-branding and/ or the sale of a location through a strong exit strategy.

“Every new client is a thrill for me and I love what I do”  said Jack recently as part of a  hospitality panel he was guest co- hosting,

"Seeing good results arise from our involvement is our top priority”.

Thank you for your interest in Hanrahan Investments L.L.C. !