Our compensation program is very flexible and can be made up of the following Levels of Consultation for a certain time period of consulting or a combination of a Level of Consultation along with a percentage of profits after the initial consulting period is completed.

We will stay involved as long as there is a need on your part.

My first consultation with you is free of charge and we’ll review the issues , see what the goals are and set up a specialized program for you.

  1. Silver Level I Consultation
    The Level I is a full and strong consulting engagement for those clients that want a shorter term of Engagement. The Level I is very affordable, yet will dive in deep with full "hands on".
    Time Spent: 12 full hours, generally over a two week period.
    Fee: $2,000

  2. Gold Level II Consultation
    The Level II is more intensive and offers very full and complete solutions to the current issues at hand and also offers permanent solutions through an exit strategy fully mapped out for the benefit of the client.
    Time Spent: 24 full hours, generally over a 30 day period.
    Fee: $3,000

  3. Platinum Level III Consultation
    The Level III is an on-going Consultation for the full benefit of our services for a initial time period of 90 days. Many clients engage us for this service where this is the best decision after good discussion of major issues at hand. Under this scenario, Hanrahan Investments is brought in as an owner appointed “Director of Operations” with full authority to operate the location (with the full cooperation of Ownership).
    This allows us to necessitate instant change when necessary, evaluate the caliber of current management and assume full control of the revenue stream. Weekly meetings with Ownership, along with short and long term goals are established and strategies set to meet them are the highest priority. After the initial 90 day period, the Consultation can be terminated, extended, or tailor made into an on going win/win situation for all parties.
    Monthly fee: $4,000

The success of you, the client, is our top priority
Please call me at 816-523-1618 or email me at for any questions you may have and if you’d like to set up an appointment, I will look forward to setting that up...Making that call and starting on a success driven program is the first step to solving the issues.

Thanks very much for your interest in Hanrahan Investments!


Jack Hanrahan Kansas City

Hanrahan Investments LLC